Interactive Story


An interactive story based on Russian Fairytales

An evil warlock, a talking wolf, friendly animals, and other mysterious creatures help you to discover the strange world of Russian Folklore!

  • 1


    Choose which road your hero follows. Then deal with the consequences.

  • 2


    Encounter your hero's friends, foes and other strange creatures.

  • 3


    Get to know popular characters from Russian fairytales and folklore.

  • 4


    Be Immersed in a universe full of magic, mystery and riddles.

the story
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Drive the story

Choose where to go and what to do
Be creative

The events and the ending of the story depend on your choices, so read and choose carefully!

Amazing experience

  • Choose you road
  • Choose your friends
  • See your ending
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  • Interesting characters

    Marya Morevna, Vasilisa the Beautiful, shape-shifting wizards, and of course, everyone's favourite friend and foe, Baba Yaga.

  • Unexpected mix of fairytales

    Instead of the usual brave Prince Ivan, you are playing for Alena, a little girl who has lost her brother and must search for him in the deep, dark forest.

  • Inspired by Russian art

    The story is accompanied by the work of a Russian composer, Modest Musorgsky, and was inspired by Russian artists, Ivan Bilibin and Viktor Vasnetsov.


Developer's greetings

Koschei The Deathless is an interactive story created by Inga Pflaumer.
It started as an experiment, and grew into a passion project. It took 8 months to develop this story from an idea, to a working mobile application. The story, art and code were all developed by the same person.

To find more about the developer, visit DropBearLabs
To find more about writing interactive stories, visit Writing Interactive

Contact Inga Pflaumer on:

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